Graphic for Vans Boys Holiday 2019 line. The skateboards are placed and organized to illustrate the Vans logo. First sketches were to figure out what style of skateboard to use. The final board choice is inspired by style of skateboards in the 1980s.


Rad animals: TIGER

Graphic for Vans Boys Holiday 2019 line. The Rad Animals is a collection of different illustrations visualizing animals or creatures skating. The tiger was the finalized design, after a series of rough sketches to figure out what the position and animal type.


Rad animals: Octopus

Graphic for Vans Boys Spring 2020 line. The concept for this graphic was to illustrate an octopus crushing a skateboard into pieces. The sketches helped evolve the finalized composition of the graphic. Allowing the text to place in areas that would flow with the body to giving an effect of liquid moving.